10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10 | PCMag.com – PC Magazine

10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10 | PCMag.com – PC Magazine
But the vast majority of update candidates will be running existing versions on laptops and desktop PCs, for which the new OS is mostly better suited than the much maligned Windows 8/8.1. Did I mention that upgrading to the new operating system will be …
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Razer Tactical Gaming Backpack review – The Gadgeteer
If you are not a gamer, Razer is the maker of high-end PC gaming systems, gaming peripherals and accessories for not only PC games, but also for console gaming systems. Having a gaming laptop is great for portability, but what happens when you need to …
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Track and Hopefully Recover Your Stolen Windows Laptop or Phone – Softpedia
It's available for Windows PC, Mac OS X, iOS, as well as Android. Step 2: Carefully run the installer. On a Windows PC, you also need to make sure .NET Framework is installed. Step 3: When installation is done, choose to Set Up Prey and press Finish.
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